My Valentines Dedication Collaboration With Irene Conti / Spread The Word!

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πŸ’ŸPublished on Feb 16, 2016πŸ’Ÿ

Irene: “It was a pleasure singing this wonderful dedication from Antonio Westley!! Thank you for asking me this!! This video is possible thanks to his donation to FilmAid International (@filmaid) on Tsu.
Do you want me to sing your dedication to your loved ones?

You can do it by supporting me on Patreon:”


Lyrics (written by Antonio Westley):
The woman who smiles when she sees me
who fills my soul without thinking
willing to love without reason
every movement needs a lead in
what goods a ship if its sinking
pinch me now I think I’m dreaming
know she’s one in every region
A beacon of light when its evening
her eyes tell the story of someone who’s been there
hollow or not overcomes what should impair
sure of herself while honing who she takes care
love redefined through her waaaaays!



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