Blast My Quotes: Week 4


3 thoughts on “Blast My Quotes: Week 4”

  1. Now that’s powerful indeed!

    What would you say is the compulsion for such people to “hide behind freedom of speech in order to enable a joking mindset..” as you say? I which category would you categorise such a compulsion viz. an undelivered communication, an unfulfilled expectation or a thwarted intention?


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    1. If I were to choose between the 3 choices you provided me with. It would be along the lines of both an undelivered communication and thwarted intention. The undelivered communication due to a failed attempt to sway a crowd on the side of a bad joke and a thwarted intention based on the failure to get people laughing about serious matters that should never be made light of. But when these jokes are called out for what they are by a society that is more keen to the basis of definition. Instead of owning up to it, they put people under a scope and label them with things like being too PC for their own good.

      Its always the “Relax its just a joke” thing to those type. Which could also be seen as a fancy way of saying lighten up and stop giving a crap.

      Thanks for taking the time out to comment Shakti

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