My Top Articles: Would You Become Immortal?


This article would you become immortal tackles the basis of mankind and its desire and need to cheat death itself. Which with the speed of modern day breakthroughs these days could potentially be a possibility someday. However, for the sake of conversation and debate I try to bring to life what it would be like to have such an ability. Now sure we all know the benefits for having everlasting life but much like if everyone won the lottery, people usually overlook what could be on the other side of the fence. As usual, my goal is to obtain some sort of perspective from others in order to dwindle down the complexity of the questions that boggle my mind.

Some answers are better sought out that way in order to challenge what we believe to be the ultimate truth. In my opinion I think the basis of living forever is a little too much to handle. Because at the end of the day we are all human and my analogy revolves around the reaping the spoils in exchange for loneliness paradox. But at the end of the day the snowflakes we are as a species makes us unique and what it really comes down to is what we each value in life. Each person’s perspective can determine the outcome and inevitably lead us down different roads.

Now whether everyone is cool with having the chance at immortality varies since I’m sure we all met a few people who already felt like they have lived to long. Usually when I encounter someone saying such things I often come to conclusion that it may have to do with the patients of the individual. Either that or the fear most of us have of being out of touch and outdated in the world. That concept tends to be something that can easily identify with such emotions outside of the personal aspect. When it comes to this area the one can easily see how becoming immortal wouldn’t apply to everyone. There are downsides to most things in life just like there can never be a job with 1000 percent safety rating.

At the time it seemed like relevant topic to discuss considering how popular the subject will become one day. I can certainly see it being an evolutionary period that would make it the trending title for years on end. This doesn’t change the fact that there wouldn’t be some personal backlash from the experience other than the usual arguments people find themselves in today.

This is My Top Article and I hope you enjoy the turn out in what people had to say about Immortality.

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